Why Advertise in Coffee News


Research has shown that each Coffee News® is read five to seven times in local restaurants and can be returned to the literature rack, a rack that is uniquely designed just for Coffee News®. Every week a new issue is delivered to the rack and old copies are recycled.

The reason why Coffee News® is so successful is because it’s good for everybody and everything it touches. Even other media services get better results for their advertisers if those advertisers are also in Coffee News®. It's a great way to add to your digital media mix and stand out from your competition.

Coffee News® provides a light and entertaining paper that patrons pick up on the way in to their favorite restaurant. It provides a few minutes of light reading while the order is taken and the meal is prepared. Since most patrons can read Coffee News® in about eight minutes, they have plenty of time to read all the ads, as well. Coffee News® works!

10 More Reasons to Advertise

CATEGORY SPECIFIC - Only one company in each category can advertise at once. No competition for you. 


REPETITION: Ads run for at least seventeen consecutive weeks… at a rate lower than spot advertising with other print media. Even small businesses can afford to advertise regularly. Repetition and consistency bring results!

TARGET MARKET: If you want to target your local neighborhood market , there’s no better way. 

SIZE:  All ads are 3″ x 2″… so no gigantic ad can crowd you out. We’re an equal opportunity publication! 


AD PLACEMENT: Ads are also rotated weekly to make sure all advertisers get a fair shake at equal exposure.

EDITS: You can make changes to your ad – unless you start over from scratch – there’s no charge.

CAMPAIGNS: Coffee News® can be the perfect, hands-on complement to other digital marketing and advertising strategies. Stand out from the crowd.

THE POSITIVE VIBE: When potential Coffee News® customers see your ad, they’re already is a positive frame of mind… reading good news. 


EXPOSURE: Your ad in Coffee News® will be viewed by 1000’s of targeted readers weekly. It is equivalent to passing out 1000’s of your business cards each week.

SOCIAL MEDIA EXPOSURE: We run your ads on our local website and also feature and share your business and ad with our Facebook followers.  We will refer YOUR business to others whenever an opportunity arises, and network to gain more customers for you!

FRONT/BACK PAGE DISPLAY: Unlike many multi-paged publications, our paper is a single page with ads running on either the front or back page. Your ad will be seen and not get lost in a sea of content and other ads.


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